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About www Redirect Checker

About www redirect checker

With the assist of our www redirect checker tool, you can speedy decide whether you have got installation a search engine pleasant redirect or not. A lot of us can lose out treasured seek engine traffic due to wrong configuration of redirects, so it's vital that we be aware of this depend.

Here's how you may use this tool:

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Think you have got a website http://www.Yoursite.Com, and you created a redirect that each time any traveler sorts within the url http://www.Yoursite.Com he is robotically redirected to http://www.Yoursite.Com/blog, however what if search engines are not able to observe the redirect? If this occurs, then your web page's rankings would be seriously affected.

So you can use www redirect checker tool by means of search engine optimization equipment city  to check if the redirect is search engine friendly or no longer. If our device unearths the whole lot adequate, then it's going to notify you of reputation "precise", and if it reveals an wrong redirect, it will show the reputation as "bad".

Because of incorrectly configuring our redirects, lots of us can harm our seek ratings or we may additionally become without a seek visitors at all! So it is crucial for every webmaster to test for redirects the use of our www redirect checker tool and make sure that after a seek engine crawls your website, it may observe any redirects you have set up. use these seo tools city free.